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Listen to our offices live

“There is only one problem in the whole world: restoring spiritual sense in people. Showering on them something like a Gregorian chant. ”


The monks of Le Barroux invite you to follow live the liturgical offices, entirely sung in Gregorian in the extraordinary form of the Roman Catholic rite. This initiative is supported by Mgr Jean-Pierre Cattenoz, the archbishop of Avignon.

Four times a day, on your iPhone with the Barroux application, or on your computer, you will be able to connect to the great liturgical prayer of the Church.

The offices broadcast live are :

• Prime: 7:45 or 8:00 (see the time-table).

• Sext: 12:15 every day.

• Vespers: 17:30 every day.

• Compline: 19:45 every day.

Click to start playing:

To listen to a remote office, start the reader at the beginning of the office; it will be stored in your computer’s cache. Then you can listen to the office at the time which is appropriate to you.

ecoutez la'office sur votre ordinateur
Select one of the files below to listen to the office live :

If you use Windows Media Player, iTunes or Winamp, or most other readers,click here.

If you use Real player or Real Alternativeclick here.

Books to follow the offices — Two choices are available :

Latin/French booklets containing the main part of the offices: psalms, antiphons and hymns of various liturgical periods : see the selection.

Monastic ‘Diurnal’ containing all of the day’s Benedictine office, in Latin/French (from Lauds with Compline), according to the monastic breviary of 1963, with all the festivals of Temporal and the Sanctoral : see the diurnal.

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